Debian 8 Image

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Debian 8 Image

Postby jason » Tue Jan 06, 2015 4:50 am

I just created an image you can directly burn to a micro SD and get started.

Kernel: 3.10.17-1 (
Distro: debian8 (Jessie)
dropbear for SSH
root password: debian
tlsdate for date sync
fake-hwclock to save system time
Init is sysvinit (no systemd)

FIlename: debian8wand.img.7z
MD5: 23dd7449d860efa177385a8c9b26f773
Download size: 89 MB

The entire image fits in about 500MB (400 for rootfs, 100MB reserved for boot in case you want to install a recovery partition). You can edit /boot/uEnv.txt to point to the correct UUID of your rootfs. WiFi firmware is included but is unreliable. If WiFI works, you will notice kernel OOPS whenever the transfer speed goes over 300-400KB/s.

I will compile 3.10.17-2 and if it performs better, I'll make a new image and post.
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Re: Debian 8 Image

Postby jason » Wed Jan 07, 2015 12:33 am

Updated image:
MD5: 74c233d38704a118232ee9a67a1ba041
Size: 96MB

Includes additonal kernel: 3.10.17 built from latest Wandboard official github
Include brcm utils in /usr/local/bin
Includes firmware and everything else in the previous post.

After you burn the image, update uEnv.txt in /boot to point to the correct UUID of your rootfs, and then boot.
After booting, create an initrd for 3.10.17-2 by installing iniramfs-tools and then running:

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update-initramfs -u -k 3.10.17-2

Edit /boot/uEnv.txt again to change uname_r to
Code: Select all

And reboot. If it doesn't work, change back uname_r to the previous kernel. This way you can continue experimenting with new kernels.
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Re: Debian 8 Image

Postby yarjin » Tue Feb 17, 2015 6:17 am

Hello jason, thank you so much for your image.
I have a question: does this image support LVDS displays?
I used Robert Kernel's image previously where I edited dtsi-file to add LVDS. Do I need to do here the same thing or I can just change uEnv.txt somehow to make it work?
Also, how can i get kernel-headers files?

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