Camera, Touchscreen and LCD Drivers.

Discussion of your EDM baseboard, your add-on boards or other peripherals for your wandboard.

Camera, Touchscreen and LCD Drivers.

Postby Shraddha » Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:36 am

A very Good day to you all.

We are planning to buy wanboard for one of our product up-gradation. We are interested in peripherals that ll readily work with the wanboard. We are choosing peripherals that have been successfully integrated with wanboard or that are guaranteed to work with wanboard as someone here has already used that peripheral successfully with wanboard . The peripherals that we ll be using for our wanboard based product are

CAMERA,LCD ( RGB LCD 5.7", sunlight 4.3" and 7") ,Touch Screen ....

We did our own research through the forums to understand what people are using.

Please let us know how well these two camera modules work and which is recommended for no hassle interfacing/ functionality with wanboard.

E-con’s e-CAM50IMX6 camera

Also we understand that the LCD adapter should be able to interface any LCDs , just need to check if the driver is available in the linux kernel..Please let us know what you have used with your projects. Not much info regarding this in the forums.

Looks like the Future Electronics 7 inch multitouch display drivers are available in the default kernel configuration. Please confirm , has anyone got them working successfully.
Also I see some more advertised , not sure if their driver are there in the kernel.
Fusion 7 inch 800 x 480 WVGA LCD LED Backlight Capacitive Touch Display
TFT with Multitouch support for the Wandboard
4.3" Capacitive Touch Screen LCD Kit

Would like to know about your experience with LCDs what is available and working fine.

Just a note : We also want to use the Bluetooth/Wifi, USB, Ethernet we can just use the wanbaord configuration file and all these should work fine..

Regards, Thanks for the help.
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Re: Camera, Touchscreen and LCD Drivers.

Postby dbrockma » Sun Dec 07, 2014 5:16 am

For a sunlight readable, Liliput has about the only one I have seen bright enough, for prices less than $600-$1000. I recommend a monitor with HDMI that has sound output built in, this way you can have one cable for both.

I have a 9" odruoid-vu and for the money it is pretty good. Had to mess with the touchscreen drivers a little but I got everything working for my project.

The Wandboard is an excellent choice for having a lot of GPIO interface lines, as well as documentation and a nice forum to help. Other manufacturers products are fine, but mostly they require you to be very experienced if you need to do more complicated things.
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