WB Quad revision question.

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WB Quad revision question.

Postby koriakinides » Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:36 am

Hi, for the last 3 years I'm a happy owner of WBQ Rev. B1. Yesterday I've checked your download for some new stuff and I have found Android 6.0.1 GA Release uploaded may this year. Now, I'm not blind and I saw that it says it's "WB All (rev C1 + D1)", but I've downloaded and tried it anyway. It did not turn on at all.

My question is:

Aren't revisions to insignifficant to have implications for the entire operating system? What is the difference B1 vs C1 vs D1?

Personally I consider revisions as indication of different production time with no or very very small upgrades. Different model can have such impact on software, but not a revision...

I did not tried ubuntu 16.04 (rev.D1) yet, but i guess it will be the same effect.

Just want to say, if that is the case then I feel a bit cheated because I have the same model and version, but just a revision prevents me from using new software.
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Re: WB Quad revision question.

Postby Tapani » Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:27 am

The downloads in the downloads area are not always the latest.

Check here for latest versions (for now).

EDIT: we are checking rev B1 compatiblity.
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