UART2 And UART1 Enabling /Disabling

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UART2 And UART1 Enabling /Disabling

Postby Must_ba » Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:40 am

Hello guys ;

I made some simple changes on my device tree and I can get some charachters from my UART2 on the console but I have a trouble with that For example I write ;

#stty -F /dev/ttymxc1 raw ispeed 115200 ospeed 115200 cs8 -ignpar -cstopb -echo

#echo 'hello' > /dev/ttymxc1 and I get that message with screen I made aMW baudrate adjustment to both of the uart ports on my pc and on wandboard

but the response on the console was like ??'M=]]^m

Is there any way that I can make some correction on that UART2 port , I didnt touch any .h and .c functions which is related to UART2

My second Question is ;

The second way of the using UART on the wandboard is UART1 , so I decided to close UART1 console option which is defined in kernel and u-boot

I just can able to close kernel , but I still get the 10-15 lines of character is there any solution to close the UART1 display option for personal usage ?

I wrote the oldest topics about it in forum but I couldn't get any solution that help for me .

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