Full i.mx6 dual lite version on wbDual?

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Full i.mx6 dual lite version on wbDual?

Postby Wandboard_nick » Mon Feb 08, 2016 3:00 am

I cant figure out the full version of the i.mx6 dual lite chip.

1. Need to confirm if it is MCIMX6U8DVM10AC , MCIMX6U8DVM10AB or another version.

2. I am considering buying a wbDual to make a custom eReader device. Possibility of wbDual using one of the above mentioned chips are slim.

3. Using your experience how difficult would it be to rework wandboard pcb and fit one of the above 2 soc in place of wbDual default soc.

Whats a good technique to breakout the i.Mx6 BGA ball pins corresponding to the EPDC controller(EPDC is integrated on SoC but not exposed by WbDual interfaces).
Atm my thinking revolves around making a custom BGA interposer that connects the BGA pins corresponding to the EPDC?

Perhaps rework is unneccessary because all the needed pins are already routed and the correct chip is being used? Wishful thinking , perhaps.
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