poor man's portable, aka, Frankenstein portable

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poor man's portable, aka, Frankenstein portable

Postby cannonfodder » Thu Sep 12, 2013 3:10 am

I was considering purchasing a Raspberry Pi but the more I looked into similar platforms, the more interested I became in the Wandboard Quad. The extra processing power and extra RAM, built-in Bluetooth and WiFi made the higher price tag worthwhile.

I don't intend on using Wandboard Quad for one single purpose: I have several uses for it in mind and finances permitting, over the course of its shelf life it will be re-purposed.

I refer to my first Wandboard Quad project as a "poor man's portable" but, really, for the amount of money I've already spent, and still need to spend to bring it to fruition, it's anything but economical. At this point, although it will be portable, it's just a fun project. And while it will be portable, it will also be ugly, hence the "aka, Frankenstein".

Below is a picture of the temporary setup I jimmy-rigged together while I wait to for the rest of the tools, parts, and material I need to purchase to build the case.

The display is a 10" LCD from Adafruit and cost around $150CDN. The mini wireless keyboard is available at element 14 for $49CDN. From a usability point of view, the latter is only slightly less awkward to use than an Android phone touchscreen keyboard and for every day 'at home' use, I have another keyboard.

At the current moment, the Wandboard Quad serves as my main PC. I'm running the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS image from the wandboard.org download page. This was only my second prolonged exposure to Unity and while I did get used to it and find it attractive enough (once the default theme is replaced with elementary), its too resource-hungry for my liking and I switched to a very basic Openbox setup - no panel, just conky for clock and weather and a root menu...

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the Wandboard board however surfing without Flash is a little frustrating, and based on what I read in the forum and/or Google group, there isn't a whole lot that can be done about it (if I'm wrong here, I would love for someone to correct me... I also miss Dropbox integration. Again, if I'm missing something here, please let me know. Would downloading source and compiling not be an option? I've been using Linux since 2006 but in those years, it has gotten pretty user-friendly so I've hardly got any experience compiling...

I plan on adding pictures to this thread as work on the case progresses... Very amateurish effort compared to what some people are coming up with but I'm not a formally trained developer, computer science major or engineer - just an average guy hoping other average guys might benefit from this thread...

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Re: poor man's portable, aka, Frankenstein portable

Postby tonefreqhz » Wed Nov 20, 2013 6:12 pm

Well I am inspired. I have been looking for something more powerfull than Raspberry and the rest of the proto board herd with audio capability for a guitar multi effects dedicated box. Along the lines of the V Machine by SM pro audio this looks very interesting the large LED touch screen is also very appealing.
I really like the look of this platform and more power to you Cannon Fodder for posting your project.

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