Wandboard as a Server

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Wandboard as a Server

Postby hede » Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:35 pm


I'm using a Wandboard Quad, two SD-Cards and one eSata 3.5" Hard Drive as a Server-System.

With the following Services Tree:
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Host System: Kernel 3.13, Debian 7.0 armhf Userland.
 - serving LXC

Virtual Machine 1: Kolab 3.2
 - Groupware
   * postfix mail
   * cyrus imap
   * Roundcube web interface
   * Squirrelmail web interface
 - ejabberd XMPP

Virtual Machine 2: Mumble
 - mumble voice chat daemon
 - Debian Packages Repository

Virtual Machine 3: Backup
 - rsnapshot / rsync services
 - plenty of space on the hard disk

Virtual Machine 4: development
 - full source build environment environment

At first, all virtual machines were located at the hard disk. For high write counts while installing, configuring and testing do not harm the SD card. Now it's time to move everything to the SD-Card, so the hard disk can sleep most of the time. The mumble-machine is moved so far. That was easy, because with tmpfs /tmp and /var/log most of the write demand has vanished. The backup-machine is also very easy to move. But the kolab-machine is still on hard disk, there's still some work to do. But I'm confident even the Groupware Server will run from SD-Card soon.
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Re: Wandboard as a Server

Postby narenderji » Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:33 am

Apparently wandboard is not too popular on our diy forum. It's had been mentioned briefly in some threads but not too much coverage
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