Android touchless gesture control

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Android touchless gesture control

Postby mki » Fri Nov 15, 2013 10:38 am

I just integrated our sensor IC E909.11 into Android using the Wandboard and the LCD display from future. The sensor is connected via I2C and a GPIO. My intention is to have a gesture demonstrator to promote the ICs capabilities to our customers in industrial, consumer and even automotive market. E909.11 is an ultra low power IR based ALS, proximity and gesture sensor IC using the HALIOS technology. I did this project in the background of my daily buisness in our company. The source code for Android driver is still Beta version but will soon be available on our web site.

Currently the senor is installed in Android as ambient light, proximity and also as gesture sensor that isn't a standard sensor in Android. As sensor I use the fully integrated HIM module, no external parts are necessary. It would be possible to put it directly under glass which has an IR transparent grayed coating to achieve a black panel effect without losing any performance. Of course self- and automatic calibration of the sensor is already implemented in software.

At the moment I just throw wipe events on a detected gesture e.g. wipe left/right. Therfore please see our video on YouTube Moving through the Android menu with the high distance proximity function is just to show the proximity feedback in real time. In total we currently support wipe left/right/up/down, time select and douple tap gesture.

My first Android App shows a graphical view of the three sensor signals from which I calculate the proximity value and the gestures. Further Apps using the HALIOS techology will follow.
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Re: Android touchless gesture control

Postby Tapani » Fri Nov 15, 2013 5:06 pm

Ooh. Nice!
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