Wandboard as Homeserver

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Wandboard as Homeserver

Postby Tuxist » Sat Feb 03, 2018 5:52 pm


i use my Wandboard Quad as homeserver with a 750gb 2,5 harddrive.

I have installed Debian 9 with Kernel 4.14 and LXC Container Support.

In one of this container is my Wordpress blog hostet https://tuxist.ddns.net/

One problem is that the board have no power connector for the hdd please add one in next revision.
I have solve it with soldering a cable directly to the power connector.

Now i'am working on webinterface for wandboard to setup networking,lxc and many more.

I have build a custom case for the Wandboard bacuase there is no case on the market with hdd support.

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