knight rider replica with wandboard

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knight rider replica with wandboard

Postby blauerben1984 » Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:31 pm

I want to start a project to realize my childhood dream and consider whether this is with one or more Wandboard single board computers and other Wandboard hardware is implemented.
I want to recreate a Knight Rider Kitt Replica that is able to do some things by computer technology and could also do the Fictitious wonder car Kitt from Knight Rider series of the 80s. I send a list of functions which should have the vehicle.
My question is, if most of it is possible with Wandboard computers and a lot of other required hardware and software, and if I might get possibly from Wandboard various software and hardware that can perform the functions. Another question is which operating system is best suited. As far as I know are Linux and Android. I incline rather to Linux.
My idea is possible to use multiple single board computer. A red only for Internet and Medial things and one only for the voice modulator that graphically speaking 3 LED driving strokes. Background is that the 3 strokes should only move when the vehicle speaks and not when music or other Soundfils be played.
For tips and ideas on whether this project is to be implemented with Wandboard, what do I need for Hardware and whether this hardware is supported by Wandboard, and gives it the suitable software for Wandboard and where can I get everything I needed and what is the approximate price for it. I would be very grateful.
Finally, still take a very specific question to the audio in / on the car will be 4-6 microphones, give it an audio interface for Wandboard that can record at the same time 4 to 6 audio tracks? Background: Each a micro will be left and right of the door mirrors, one on the rear and 2 microphones in the interior, driver and passenger side and maybe even one in the front of the engine compartment outside. Because, I think too complex and expensive would be that only the micro is steer onwards near to a person. I just want to control everything when recording and delete any subsequent unneeded traces by myself.

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Re: knight rider replica with wandboard

Postby blauerben1984 » Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:34 pm

Replica Functions
* Unfortunately not possible yet *Software component *Software in connection with Hardware

1. Anharmonic Synthesizer & Databank*
Simulates any known noise that is stored in the “Anharmonic Synthesizer”

2. Audio Bank*
Databank containing stored audio recordings

3. Audio editing Mode*
Changing sound recordings - for example, Cut shots and reassemble

4. Audio / Video Playback or rather aud/vid playback
Audio and video playback device plays audio over the comlink

5. Audio/ Video Recorder or rather aud/vid record*
Takes audio and video on

6. Audio/Video transmit or rather aud/vid transmit*
Transmits audio and video signals. Keywords: Internet?

7. Auto Cruise*
Vehicle is completely autonomous - can be activated by pressing a button or by voice command

8. Auto Door
2 separate buttons, one each for the driver - (auto door left) as for the passenger door (auto door right) whereby the door opened and closed automatically. The vehicle can also operate these independent.

9. Auto Phone/Video Phone
Car phone / video telephony

10. Auto Window
Both the driver - (auto window left) and front passenger windows (auto window right) can the car automatically open and close as well as by voice command can this be done.

11. Cancel
Functions can be terminated by pressing "cancel"

12. CB Radio
Listen to voice radio and even send messages

13. Co2
Co2 Fire extinguisher centrally below the scanner. To operate on command or a key.

14. Composite identification System*
Reconstructed image from any person on the monitor

15. Electromagnetic field Generator/Electronic field disruptor
Generated electromagnetic fields. In conjunction with "electromagnetic field disruptor" you can then interfere with radar equipment, listening devices, radio signals and tracking device

16. Fingerprint Scan
Scans fingerprints and evaluates them

17. Graphic translator
A program can create the digital phantom image of a person, user specified

18. Grappling hook & winch
Centered under the hood and in the rear there is a grappling hook at the end of a coiled rope on a winch. This can be manually pulled out or automatically by pressing a button.

19. Homing Device / Homing Signal
This is a positioning system. A clear signal is emitted and a matching recipient of the location is determined by the vehicle.

20. License Plates
An alternative license plate is extended by the button "LIC. Plates"

21. Load Jettison
With this function you can hurl content from the trunk out.

22. Map search*
You can locate the address and display it on the monitor (Like a Navigator)

23. Monitor Screen
A monitor in the dash used for video telephony, video, pictures, maps and data display.

24. Normal Cruise/Pursuit
A driving mode during normal drive is active. At higher speeds, the vehicle switches to the "pursuit" mode.

25. Odds Calculator*
A probability calculator - in my case it should be a "normal calculator", which also supports verbal input.

26. Oil
Two small nozzles at the rear, which spray on touch of a button a thin film of oil on the road.

27. Picture sharpen*
An image-editing program which allows you to sharpen images.

28. Police frequency
Radio communication for police frequency

29. Printer
Printer on board

30. Scanner
The red running light

31. Self – Diagnostic Analyzer(*)

Analyzer for self-diagnosis of malfunction or damage in the system.

32. Smoke Release

Smoke machine / fog machine at the rear. To activate with the button "Peng".

33. Speech synthesis module

Kitt can speak like a human

34. Surveillance mode/ Überwachungs modus

In my case, by motion of the vehicle is an audio and video start recording in the interior and on the exterior Micros when people approach the car as soon as the monitoring mode is enabled. In addition, upon activation of an alarm system monitoring mode is activated. Activate the monitoring mode verbally or by pressing a button. If necessary, a call is made to the mobile when people set off the alarm.

35. Tear Gas

About the "smoke release" system can be flowed beside harmless fog and tear gas.

36. Trunk Lid

Trunk automatically open and close

37. Voicemodulator

Three red bars in the fittings moving speech synchronous

38. Voice Projection

An external speakers on the outside of the car can speak with you audibly.

39. Door unlocking

The driver - and passenger doors are virtually permanently sealed. Only at the moment the opening of a door there is a "door buzzer" similar to the case of a multi-family house exterior doors, unlocked to authorized persons. The authorized person is detected by a camera or fingerprint sensor in the door handle. Or through verbal voice recognition. When the door buzzer is activated, lights green led. lights in the door handle. If the door handle to be operated without the door buzzer these releases, red led lights

40. Radar Warner

Warns of (mobile) speed cameras.

41. Night vision - and thermal camera

On the monitor, the road is visible in night vision and thermal mode in the dark.

42. Electric shock system

In the driver - and passenger seat Stun guns are installed in the back, which can be activated at risk of a button or language code.

43. Real Time voltmeter

A digital display in the overhead console, in the amount of the sun visor, the current in volts displays in real time, directly coming from the alternator.

44. Interference

Interferes with cell phone, wireless, radio and Bluetooths signals on command and with a button

45. Automatic remote start

Motor starts / stops automatically by voice command or remote control.

46. Authorised persons recognition

Through a face recognition software, voice recognition and fingerprint the vehicle recognizes authorized or unauthorized persons. Unauthorized persons do not have access to the vehicle and can also do not start or run without special permission from an authorized person.

47. Electronic logbook *

Records all the rides with video / audio, route via GPS or Galileo, time, start / finish and time and saves the recordings as well as video file as a text file into a table. Access to the data have only authorized persons.
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Re: knight rider replica with wandboard

Postby ruijorgesilva1 » Wed Apr 22, 2015 1:15 pm

Hello blauerben1984.

Not all the things are possible.
But a great part of your objectives are possible.

A button to start/stop the engine is possible

If you want the three leds flashing when the car talks excluding musica or other voice áudio, yes its possible.

Video playback is possible, yes with a 7" touch screen!

Auto cruise. Sorry, this point only if some college or an MIT, Google or something like that, developing an auto-cruise. Besides that, only a car with cruise control.

Auto window, yes its possible. Auto door, would have to rebuild the car.

I woul consider Amateur radio at the CB. But it's my personal opinion. and it is possible to create an auto-voice TX, to transmit on the desired frequency.

Fingerprint, yes its possible. Even to make logon.

And much more is possible to realize. Not all the things. But many of them.

Feel free to talk about this with me.

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Re: knight rider replica with wandboard

Postby blauerben1984 » Thu Apr 23, 2015 12:12 pm

Thanks for your answer. It's important to know which is the best operating system for such an implementation in question. And if it works with an audio interface and multi-track recording. As if there was an audio interface for wall board which is at least 4 lanes receives, which is also recognized by wandboard.
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Re: knight rider replica with wandboard

Postby borowik » Wed May 13, 2015 10:54 pm

great and complex answer :D
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Re: knight rider replica with wandboard

Postby szczurolapka » Mon May 18, 2015 10:11 pm

what a great answer :D
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Re: knight rider replica with wandboard

Postby Koniec12 » Tue Jun 02, 2015 7:06 am

Nice information, good to know.
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Re: knight rider replica with wandboard

Postby bestproducts2019 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:22 pm

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