How to promote the presence of leptin in the body

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How to promote the presence of leptin in the body

Postby Healthytips » Fri May 01, 2020 6:54 am

Leptin levels can be modified by several factors, among others, by the proportion of adipose tissue in the body. However, if what we want is to avoid weight gain and control body weight over time, we must know that the following behaviors affect the amount and action of leptin :
• Strict Diets: Very low calorie diets, such as miracle diets that are very restrictive, markedly reduce leptin levels. Therefore, it is best not to go to extremes or limit food intake as much as possible, as leptin levels will drop, increasing hunger, reducing satiety and our metabolism.
• Body weight drop: if we quickly lose body weight, the fat mass in the body will be drastically reduced, therefore, leptin levels will also be reduced, thus affecting our appetite and daily caloric expenditure.
• Regular exercise : although it can cause a drop in fat in the body, it has been associated with greater sensitivity to leptin, for this reason, physically active people have lower levels of hunger, better control food intake and have higher caloric expenditure .
• Stress : stress in the body increases cortisol levels and reduces leptin levels, producing more hunger, more pleasure when eating and reducing energy expenditure.
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