Debian 8. Bad image from Wandboard

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Debian 8. Bad image from Wandboard

Postby delphi » Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:22 pm

It seems that you have already experience with Nelson.
The Nelson's image for debian8 have a 4.0x kernel and:
- graphics not working
- wifi not working
- anything else except console in screen and uart are also not working.
- no firmware for mipi csi (ov5640)
- it seems that another equipment for wandboard such as LCD is also not supported
- etc...
Why did you do that? All thess actions from Nelson is just a waste of time. You must do for community a real working image with such things that have Linaro image on your site.
Why did you public the image with unnofficial and unsuppported kernel 4.0x? There is no even such on your github.
You must do such things with your github kernel such as 3.14 and hire a real embedded engineer to support the community.
I want you to public a real working debian8 image with 3.14 kernel on them.
I also have Radxa board and definitely working debian8 called Rabian on it. Now I want to do that with wandboard too.
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Re: Debian 8. Bad image from Wandboard

Postby delphi » Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:25 am

Did the project die? Where are you?
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Re: Debian 8. Bad image from Wandboard

Postby Tapani » Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:02 pm


first, sorry for the delay -- we are back after having our annual Chinese New Year leave. Expecting an answer when you did is like expecting an answer on 24th December in the Christian part of the world.


The Debian image in the downloads is part of our "Scavenger Hunt" series, where we download and test images that we find. The support offered in these images can vary a lot, some (like the FreeBSD one) pretty much only gives a console.
Some have full GPU acceleration enabled.

If you know someone who has done a Debian image with VPU/GPU acceleration enabled, we are happy to include it in the downloads.
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