Wandboard dual lite - epaper eink screen. Is it possible?

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Wandboard dual lite - epaper eink screen. Is it possible?

Postby Wandboard_nick » Tue Feb 02, 2016 8:14 pm

Wandboard dual lite has the i.mx6 dual lite processor. NXP/ Freescale specs show this processor to have EPDC controller.
My question is how do I make the Wandboard Duo use an epaper eink Carta 6" screen the default display?
Is this trivial?
I have the kindle paprwhite 3 which uses an i.mx6L application processor(solo lite). Would love to salvage screen and any useful components and hook up to wanboard instead.

Lots of stuff been done on the kindle devices and some road to get linux/android drivers for the eink carta must be possible - mobileread forum

Help me better understand how to proceed with this.How would you approach the project?
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