wandboard dual not working.board not listed in lsusb command

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wandboard dual not working.board not listed in lsusb command

Postby ayyasprings » Sat Jul 11, 2020 7:32 am


I bought wandboard dual around 1.5 years back. Earlier it was working and when connected with Laptop using USB OTG cable and it showed up in the lsusb command(something like "imx6 Freescale Semiconductor").
After that it was off the shelf for around 1 year.
When I took that and recently used it is not working.
And when I connected with laptop using USB OTG cable with the same slot and issued lsusb command it was not showing up.

I checked my power adapter with multimeter it is working.Its output rating is 5V 3A.

What could be the issue and how shall i recover that board?

And one more doubt do we need power supply adapter and powered on, to be listed in lsusb command after connecting to USB OTG slot with laptop?
I don't remember clearly whether I powered on the board with power adapter, earlier when it showed in the list of lsusb command.

Please help me asap!
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