iMX6 Wandboard: mini PCIe connection possible?

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iMX6 Wandboard: mini PCIe connection possible?

Postby MatthewLai » Mon Jan 15, 2018 2:09 pm

Folks I'm a newbie to Wandboard here (though a few of my colleagues own a couple of the Wandboards already) so pardon me if I pop some dumb questions here. Does the Wandboard support mini PCIe connection? I have a wifi/Bluetooth combo module with a mini PCIe connector and I'm considering using the Wandboard as the Linux host to test this combo module. There does not seem to be a mini PCIe slot on the Wandboard, but the product spec does mention PCIe, so my guess is that I need to add some kind of PCIe adaptor to one of the headers on the Wandboard?

Any help/feedback is much appreciated here!
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