Unable to connect to Wandboard

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Unable to connect to Wandboard

Postby Lestrad » Thu Dec 12, 2019 6:43 am

Hello. I have a Wandboard Quad that was working fine after I installed Arch Linux ARM following these instructions: https://archlinuxarm.org/platforms/armv7/freescale/wandboard

The Quad serves as a small NAS serving media from an HDD connected to the SATA port to a Squeezebox Touch and to my desktop computer. As I say it was working fine, but suddenly it began refusing all connections (it does respond to a ping with no problem). Until now I have been connecting to the board using SSH from my desktop computer. The last thing I was able to do, as I recall, was to change the Locale from the default "C" to EN-US-utf8. But now every time I try to connect I get the "Connection refused" message. To me this implies that the board has booted.

So I tried connecting the board to a monitor via the HDMI port and plugging in a keyboard via the USB port. When I power on the Quad, I get the Wandboard.org logo on the screen, but after that nothing except a flashing HDMI port icon and then a "No Signal" message from the monitor. The keyboard seems to be responding, because when I hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete the board restarts and I see the Wandboard logo again, but after that "No Signal" again.

Any suggestions as to how I can troubleshoot would be appreciated. I'm ready to provide any information anyone might need.

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