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Re: Build Kodi 14.2-Helix using Buildroot 2015.05

Postby blue_z » Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:13 am

blackibiza wrote: - The menu is not as smooth as the "original" Kodi image available on Wandboard's site
"Original"? What's that?
Smooth what? Smooth scrolling? Smooth (less jagged) font?

blackibiza wrote: - The HDMI audio output choice isn't available
What does the system log report?

blackibiza wrote: - I have only WiFi access (no Ethernet cable): there's no possibility to configure WiFi within Kodi
Then use a serial console to configure WiFi.
Or you can try to mount the SDcard on a PC, and edit /etc/network/interfaces.

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Re: Build Kodi 14.2-Helix using Buildroot 2015.05

Postby sanaeerumey » Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:13 am

Nuke_off wrote:
blue_z wrote:
Nuke_off wrote:I am experiencing some problems though.
In your prebuilt image, "route" tool is missing. This results in udhcpdc not setting gateway routes.

I fixed that in my build, but ran into a whole set of other problems.
Presumably you selected the `route` command in the Busybox menuconfig?
Are you claiming that this one change then had negative consequences?

Yes, thats exactly what i did. No i meant i had other problems regarding Kodi itself. click on the link for learn how it works

blue_z wrote:
Nuke_off wrote:Which packages did you tick for your build?
By "tick" do you mean "select"?
Why are you even asking this question?
The complete Buildroot configuration that I used can be replicated by using the posted patch file.
Only packages essential for (a basic) Kodi and HW video decoding were selected.
You are free to add more packages for your own build. That was the intent of supplying/posting the patch before the image.
I have no intention of maintaining/updating the image.
Nuke_off wrote:Just "make wanboard_kodi_defconfig" does not work.
So you like the SDcard image but not the Buildroot patch?
The former was built using the latter!
Your comment is not constructive. What, does the build fail? Does the kernel fail to boot or panics?
Or perhaps that command doesn't "work" simply because you committed a typo?

Yes by tick i meant select.
Exactly my thoughts, i would rather have a working Build environment than some guy making images.
I absolutly do not expect you to maintain your image.

I am asking because using your supplied wandboard_kodi_defconfig in combination with genconfig results in an image that is not comparable with your prebuilt one.
Ok,i try to clarify a few things.
Letting Buildroot do its thing ("make wandboard_kodi_defconfig && make") results in "u-boot.imx , uboot-env.bin , uImage, rootfs.tar, imx6q-wandboard.dtb, imx6dl-wandboard.dtb".

The resulting .img image from "wandboard_kodi_defconfig" generated by my "genconfig patch" does boot, has no kernel panics, lacks "route" package, is only ~250MB in size, starts up kodi, on first glance kodi works normal.
BUT as soon as one tries to install any addons, e.g. skins, it fails to do so.
The Logfiles throw out a lot of weird errors, mostly about Kodi not beeing able to write or read something.
I will post complete Kodi and Kernel Logs later.
Your "kodi_on_wb.img" image installs those addons just fine.

I am beginning to suspect it has something to do with filesystem structure (ext2/4 vs. tar).

How did you create your .img file ?

blue_z wrote:
Nuke_off wrote:Hope you can help me out there.

EDIT: It seems as if Kodi does not have enough permissions or cant access the filesystem properly. It says something like this for example "ADDON: cpluff: 'Could not read plug-in directory /usr/lib/kodi/addons: No such file or directory' "
But this directory does exist and the plugins within are loaded on startup.
Instead of broad negative descriptions and vague recollections, you will need to describe a problem as a reproducible procedure.
If you cannot explain the problem with those details, then I am not going to expend effort to figure out how to recreate it. As I previously confessed, I am not a Kodi/XBMC expert or developer (and do not aspire to be either).

Look, i do not try to discredit any of your work, i am just trying to get it working on my side.
I am sorry if it comes across as if i am beeing negative, that is not my intent.
As i said earlier you prebuilt image is fine, i want to reproduce what you achieved.
I just do not know why my results are so much different.
By the way these errors are reproducable.
I am guessing you want Kernel-,Kodi-,syslogs ?

Best Regards


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Re: Build Kodi 14.2-Helix using Buildroot 2015.05

Postby tempemail » Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:48 pm

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