gst overlay doesn't work with imxeglvivsink plugin

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gst overlay doesn't work with imxeglvivsink plugin

Postby naseeb_wow » Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:20 am

Hardware and Software details:
Board: wb quad Rev C1
Image: wandboard-all-ubuntu-16.04-sdcard-20160520.img downloaded from wandboard site:(

I strongly feel there is some problem with the image itself.

I have created a player by referring link with some modifications.
Instead of "playbin" i have used "filesrc", "decodebin", "imxeglvivsink", "autoaudiosink"

Drawing window is created using gtk api gtk_drawing_area_new
Overlay is set using gst api gst_video_overlay_set_window_handle.

When i run the application, it plays audio only but video is not rendered on overlay window. "imxeglvivsink" plugin get blocked on XNextEvent inside mainloop thread. Although XSendEvent also gets called(i verified using logs) but don't know where those Events get vanished.

In my application, if i create window using X11 api XCreateWindow instead of GTK then everything works fine but i want to create window using GTK itself.

Also, this code(with GTK window) works well on my old ubuntu 14.04 system(libgtk-3-dev: v3.10..8 , gstreamer: v1.2.4, imxeglvivsink: v0.11.1 ) whereas on ubuntu 16.04(libgtk-3-dev v3.18.9: , gstreamer: 1.8.0, imxeglvivsink: v0.12.0) it creates problem.

Please suggest if overlay usage is changed in later versions or imxeglvivsink expect window some other way.
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Re: gst overlay doesn't work with imxeglvivsink plugin

Postby ClayMontgomery » Tue Apr 10, 2018 6:08 pm

It might be that the fsl plugins for gstreamer require X11 for overlay support, or maybe they have not been updated for the newer version of Vivante's EGL drivers, but I am just guessing.

I recommend that you ask this question on the NXP forum:

Regards, Clay
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