Unexpected loss of network connection?

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Unexpected loss of network connection?

Postby ASword » Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:45 pm

My wandboard quad running Ubuntu 16.04 (without a GUI) yesterday abruptly dropped the several ssh connections I had to it and didn't respond to new connection attempts. Eventually I gave up and power cycled it, and now it is back to normal. It had been up continuously for 30 days without so much as a hiccup. A month ago I also abruptly lost network connectivity, in a similar way. The 'only' thing I was running on the system (aside from the usual pile of system daemons) as a user was a C++ libuv-based home automation app that I'm working on, and it has been up and stable for many days at a time (I restart it more often than the wandboard as I refine the software). The app crashed in a UDPHandle close event, which was a bug on my part (not handling the networking error cleanly) but also provides evidence that the network failed. The syslog I looked at doesn't appear to show anything untoward, but I may just not know what to look for.

Has anyone seen this sort of failure before? I'm using the wandboard's Ethernet and don't have any other connections plugged in, and haven't configured wifi or bluetooth.
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