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Postby gravitaketo » Mon Jul 20, 2020 8:35 pm

gravitas keto Aha! What was his problem? We can see here that you do not have to be overweight to experience health problems occurring from fast foods. Actually it is a misnomer to call fast foods, food. What fast foods do is fill the stomach. What about the quality of the so called food in its ability to feed the body nourishment? Aha! That is the crux of the problem - quality nourishing food for the body. OK let's face it fast food is designed to taste good but it is not good for your body. On a TV interview a fast food executive explained why they do not take the fat and salt out of their fast foods. He said "If we took out the fat and salt in our foods we would be out of business. Here is what I recommended for the man mentioned above. No more fried chicken, seasoned fries and soft drinks.
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