I simply don't understand why they hate taking surveys that

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I simply don't understand why they hate taking surveys that

Postby Nanlina » Fri May 15, 2020 1:15 am

"Probably". There is definitely more legit RuneScape players at OSRS. It's always very interesting when RS3 RuneScape players attempt to pretend that there is a possibility of OSRS being less popular. Even just simply taking a look at the Twitch/YouTube numbers gives the answer to you. You are right, I probably should not have used"likely", since it's almost certainly the case that OSRS has mroe RuneScape players compared to RS3, even though there's technically no way to know for sure. All I'm saying is that the difference isn't as great as the playcount amounts would make it seem, since it is also"probably" true that there are far more bots on OSRS than RS3. And Twitch/YT numbers are not necessarily representative of RuneScape players.Bear in mind the"they" that made RuneScape and"they" that RuneScape 2007 gold employed the expansive exchange are two distinct groups of individuals. The ideal XP prices come from purchasing logs, however you can train another ability (WCing) in high-ish efficiency (prior to crystallize anyways) and get reasonable rates at FMing, or do all sorts of hybrid approaches (such as curly roots). A firemaking-related pursuit gives both an incredible DIY high level method that is great and daily. The ability is still XP rate that is rather large almost regardless of what you can do than bonfiring level logs. In arch, the skill you use as a gathering ability is... ~8k xp/hour Archaeology caches. And there is no way to avoid those other than obtaining materials from RuneScape players.

As an ironman myself, I found that this happened to some extent with all the mining and smithing rework. If you are training both together you wouldn't have ores that are enough to coincide with your exp together with the mining exp you're getting. The same goes for archeology - you also get some of the substances for the artifacts you're currently getting but maybe not all them. Also, hopefully they balanced it so that with the outfit, promotes and perks (or some other maximum efficacy methods) that you would be able to be self sustaining for substances.

I simply don't understand why they hate taking surveys that are in-game for RS3. It's like they are only trying to treat RS3 different from OSRS for the interest of treating it different at this point.We did have polls at the same point and it didn't go well. Everyone simply voted to make Slayer monsters and nothing else. Despite what the post says, Reddit definitely has more of the hardcore RuneScape participant base. If they left this into a vote, higher exp rates would almost surely win.Its since there's a enormous stigma around the surveys on osrs, ive talked to a number of the jmods and some wosh the surveys dodent exist as individuals vote without believing any deeper about things that get put up, the polls at this point is just a mob mentality wanting nothing fresh but also needing new things, I whould love a couple ocational polls on rs but nothing to the amount of osrs.

I think they have to check into the material caches.. We were 3 peope on 5 Caches and could barely keep them up since they depleted so quickly. It would die down. You can not balance a skill for your week of discharge when everybody is practically binging the skill. The market would start getting saturated from people doing these caches chests and cheap RS gold only training the ability. The amount of people would die down and it would be barely populated by ironman and reduced levels trying some money earning method.
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Re: I simply don't understand why they hate taking surveys t

Postby AnthonyRevis » Thu Jul 09, 2020 4:59 pm

Well so glad to know about him as the amazing coach. What else a player needs rather than getting into his coaching to win the game. As there was a saying from resumeprime articles that every player wins a tournament by the coaching and practice.
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