There are many reasons for cracks to occur in buildings.

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There are many reasons for cracks to occur in buildings.

Postby GOG85 » Thu Sep 17, 2020 3:09 am

There are many reasons for cracks to occur in buildings.
Non-structural reasons:

A- Normal environmental causes: شركة فحص فلل بالخبر

We cause cracks in buildings as a result of normal environmental conditions such as temperatures, winds, rain, and humidity resulting from ground water or air humidity.

B- Unusual natural causes (disasters):

Rifts may be caused by earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, and lightning strikes.

C- Abnormal causes: شركة كشف تسريبات المياة بالخبر

The cracks may also occur due to wars, fires, or even from misuse of the building (using it for other than its intended purpose).

Second: Types of building cracks and how to treat them:

Cracks that occur in buildings have many types and shapes, and each of these types has a suitable method of treatment that can be summarized as follows:

1. Construction cracks:

It is the one that occurs as a result of structural reasons (whether those reasons are design or implementation), such as uneven subsidence of the foundations of the building, the inability of beams, columns, or slabs to bear the loads transferred to them, or errors in implementation.

The structural cracks are considered to be the most dangerous cracks that may occur in the origin at all, and if these cracks continue to widen over time, the necessary measures must be taken to stop this expansion immediately so that there is no collapse of the building or part of it.

And structural cracks can take several modes:

A - vertical cracks:

They are usually seen between the walls and the columns adjacent to them.

B - Horizontal cracks:

It is the one that appears most often between walls and beams above it.
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