GPIO configuration for SPI inetrrupt

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GPIO configuration for SPI inetrrupt

Postby Rajasekhar » Thu Jul 19, 2018 5:28 am


I am using IMX6qdl-wandboard-redvd1 board. I have configured MISO, MOSI, CLK, CS0 in device tree IMX6qdl-wandboard-redvd1.dtsi file.

I am able to get the SPI init success. Then i am configuring the GPIO1_24 pin for SPI interrupt as like this in my deriver code.


and parsing this as parameter in my 'spi_irq' function and then trying to test this PIO pin (GPIO1_24, pin number 10 in JP4) by toggling it to 5v and ground, but i am not getting any interrupt coming to irq callback.

Can you please some tell us the way i have configured GPIO is correct or not ?
Do i need to configure it in device tree(I did not do)?
Do i need to expose it to user space (/sys/class/gpio/export)?

Please suggest me how to configure the GPIO and how to check it.

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