gpu hang

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gpu hang

Postby bk_chuang » Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:16 am


we are poring latest wandboard-android-6 bsp on our imx6-dl board
when doing run-in test over days by our test app
(show color patterns to check display, play audio and adjust vol to check audio, just switch tests between activities)
it randomly encounters a problem that app/screen is frozen (touch is no response) about 5 mins, and then go back to home screen
check with logs, will see errors, like "gpu fence timeout..., gpu hang, automatic recovery..." (details in attachment)
seriously, the device reboots directly without msgs
do you have any idea about it?!

and we found there are two versions of gpu driver (3.14.52 (default), 3.14.26) in kernel(3.14.52)
but 3.14.26 driver is not compatible to gpu hal libraries (device/fsl-proprietary/gpu-viv)
do you have libraries for gpu-3.14.26-driver

thx in advance

[10343.574852] fence timeout on [d199f800] after 3000ms
[10343.579879] objs:
viv timeline viv_sync
pt signaled@7928.561436
pt signaled@7928.593198
pt signaled@10331.970773
pt signaled@10331.991319
pt active
pt active
pt active

viv timeline viv_sync

[c234fe80] viv sync_fence-25698: signaled
viv timeline_pt signaled@7928.561436

[ca286700] NavigationBar:2: signaled
viv timeline_pt signaled@7928.593198

[c234f900] viv sync_fence-35601: signaled
viv timeline_pt signaled@10331.970773

[ca536780] StatusBar:1: signaled
viv timeline_pt signaled@10331.991319

[d199f800] viv sync_fence-35635: active
viv timeline_pt active

[d199f880] com.xac.productiontest/com.x:1: active
viv timeline_pt active

[d199f200] viv sync_fence-35637: active
viv timeline_pt active

[10454.945120] fence timeout on [c83f2180] after 3000ms
[10454.950236] objs:
viv timeline viv_sync

[10632.065539] init: Untracked pid 1932 killed by signal 9
[10632.071011] init: Untracked pid 21404 killed by signal 9
[10632.195382] init: Untracked pid 1241 killed by signal 9
[10632.216047] init: Untracked pid 1622 killed by signal 9
[10632.221304] ERROR: v4l2 capture: slave not found!
[10632.315320] init: Untracked pid 1804 killed by signal 9
[10632.364076] init: Untracked pid 1690 killed by signal 9
[10795.684902] [galcore]: GPU[0] hang, automatic recovery.
[10795.690244] [galcore]: recovery done

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