How Do I Get To Recovery Mode For Update?

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How Do I Get To Recovery Mode For Update?

Postby dnb » Fri Sep 16, 2016 3:58 pm

#1) adb reboot recovery does not enter recovery mode.

#2) similarly RecoverySystem.installPackage(itsContext, aPackageFile); in system app does not enter recovery mode.

both reboot and go right back to where you were without any update.

I know that I can get into a sort of recovery mode by taking out my SD and powering on the Wandboard.
In this case usb on my laptop shows I'm in Recovery mode...but little else ....( (#3) serial connection to the wandboard is blank when booting recovery mode) let it be the case that would be recovery can I update the software on the SD if the SD is disconnected? What value is the recovery mode if it requires the card whose partitions you plan to update be disconnected?

How can I update my product with the on wandboard?
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