Uenv.txt removed android-6.0.1-ga_fullsource_20160428

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Uenv.txt removed android-6.0.1-ga_fullsource_20160428

Postby sergio2985 » Tue Aug 02, 2016 4:31 pm


looking in "source" code wandboard.h, I note that uenv.txt load and import has been removed ?

Is it an error or not ?
is Uenv.txt never used for Wandboard Solo or quad ?

those lines exists for picosom and others boards:
"if run loadbootenv; then " \
"echo Loaded environment from ${bootenv};" \
"run importbootenv;" \
"fi;" \
"if test -n $uenvcmd; then " \
"echo Running uenvcmd ...;" \
"run uenvcmd;" \
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