IMX6 SOLO mmcqd issue

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IMX6 SOLO mmcqd issue

Postby MeredithSmith » Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:53 am

How to Buy the Best Vacuum Cleaner

Having a hard time figuring out which is the best vacuum cleaner for your family? This post will show you some tips to make sure you make the best purchase within your budget!

Just type “vacuum cleaners” into the search box of Google and press Enter, you will receive thousands of opinions, each one proclaiming themselves to be ‘the best.’ However, we all know that the top choice must be the most suitable for our families. Therefore, in this post, let’s look at those products from a more professional point of view.

What Tpes of Vacuum Cleaners Fits Your Needs?

Choose an upright vacuum for the most power


Upright vacuums are not the best option when considering versatility, but they excel at sucking up all types of dust and debris. If your apartment has a large carpeted area, you might need one. The vacuums penetrates deep into the fibers to get rid of any dirt.

The downside of this category is that you have to rely on a myriad of attachments to get into corners and clean stairs. The noise level is remarkable, as well.

Pick a canister vacuum for the utmost versatility

Canister vacuum cleaners feature a motor and a hose connected to a long wand that you grip on to do the cleaning tasks. Owing to the design, the models seem much lighter and easier to maneuver. This type of cleaning machines works best if your apartment has plenty of nooks and crannies.

However, the overall look of those models are a little bulky, and it’s hard to fit one inside a closet. The noise level is one more thing I don’t like about canister vacuums.

Buy a robotic vacuum for less labor

Vacuuming is not an arduous task, but doing it everyday could become a burden. A robotic vacuum would solve that problem quickly. All you have to do is lie on the sofa and watch as it picks up all the dirt on its way. Those models are relatively quiet as well.

However, one minus point: they cannot work well on the carpets because their mechanism only let them pick up surface debris, not also dust that settles into the fabric. Besides, the dust bag is quite small, so you will have to empty them often.

Choose a stick vacuum if you love lightweight options

In most cases, vacuum cleaners of this type are lightweight, so you could lift and move them around quickly without much hassle. Usually, they are relatively quiet too. They also look fantastic!

Nevertheless, the suction power is not the strength of these types of models. They won't be able to remove a lot of dirt from a thick carpet.

Buy a handheld vacuum for small tasks

They are smaller, more compact choices without a long wand or stick. Therefore, you will have to bend over when cleaning. Cleaning large areas using those will be a tedious task, but they are accommodating for cupboards, shelves, and inside a car.

What Features of the Vacuum Cleaner is More Beneficial for you?


If considering the types of cleaners is not enough, you may think about specific features. Sometimes, among those from one category, one outweighs the other by unique characteristics that the manufacturers bestow upon them.

Pick a vacuum with bags for cleaner air

When choosing canister and uprights vacuums, you may see two options: with or without bags. If you prefer less dust, you should choose the ones with bags. The bag’s job is to capture all the dirt you suction up from the surface. The replacement bags, however, are sometimes expensive or hard to find.

A bagless vacuum makes cleaning easier

For models without bags you need to pull out the debris container and dump all the dirt into the trash can. If you accidentally drop something and vacuum it into the machine, you can find it by carefully checking the debris container.

However, when using this type of vacuum, you have to keep the filters clean. Besides, be careful when dumping because it could release lots of dust.

The weight of the machine is also worth considering

Even with a small task like cleaning the floor, if you have to do it for a long time with a massive tool, you will become tired. Therefore, don’t forget to check out the vacuum’s weight before making the purchase. If you are able to lift it without breaking a sweat , it’s okay.

For people with back problems, stick or robot vacuum cleaners are ideal choices.

For vacuums with cord, check the cord’s length

While cordless options are all over the market today, most canister and upright vacuums still come with cords.

If your house is small, but the cord is too long, it may cause trouble while moving. Vice versa, a short cord will make it annoying when vacuuming a large apartment. To save you from those issues, check before heading to the supermarket and make sure your new vacuum cleaner can cover all your room easily.

For models without cord, focus on the battery life

Best vacuum cleaners, including the cordless, need a battery life of 20 to 60 minutes. Besides, the charging time shouldn’t be too long. The battery is more essential when picking a robotic vacuum, or else it could hardly finish the job. A battery display is an invaluable feature for these types of vacuum cleaners.

Looking for the best vacuum cleaner for your family is not simple, but this guide will help you a lot. All you need to do is to be a smart buyer: don’t make a purchase before careful consideration. Measure your apartment, know your needs, and find a reliable outlet to do your shopping!

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