Lightwing Ported to Yocto Pyro

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Lightwing Ported to Yocto Pyro

Postby ClayMontgomery » Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:01 pm

I am glad to announce that I have completed the porting of Lightwing to the Pyro version of Yocto for the Wandboard Quad rev D1!
This is a big step forward since Pyro has the Linux kernel version 4.1 and a lot has changed with Yocto and the Wandboard in the past year.

I especially want to thank a.turowski and eiger824 for their help in this thread:

Lightwing is a scriptable multimedia UI engine for building custom touch-kiosks and multi-panel digital signs and video walls. Lightwing runs on several i.MX6 boards, but the Wandboard Quad is still my favorite!
Lightwing makes heavy use of most of the features of the i.MX6 processor, including Vivante GPU and VPU (OpenGL 3D and Video), as well as multi-touch, ALSA sound, OpenSSH security (RSA), RSS feeds, etc. - all without reliance on X11 or browsers. Therefore, Lightwing is a good test case that all of these features are actually working and stable on this platform. Because Lightwing is scriptable and has a performance monitor, it also makes a great tool for testing and evaluating this platform. Bootable micro sd-cards with Yocto Pyro and Lightwing 1.2 for the Wandboard Quad are available. For more information:

Booting Yocto Pyro on the older rev B1 and C1 Wandboards only requires a simple edit of the file: /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf.

Regards, Clay
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